Pacific Eskimo Two Person Kayak

This is a beautifully made skin Alutiiq or Pacific Eskimo kayak from the Kodiak area of Alaska with two dressed figures riding in it.  The kayak is embellished with twisted fine red, natural and black yarn along the seams with interspersed tufts of green yarn as well as four bands of green yarn stretched across the top of the kayak.  Also tied into the seams are short fine whiskers.  The two wooden figures are wearing two different styles of Pacific Eskimo wood head gear and fitted black wool coats with two bands of green yarn across their backs and yarn "scarves" around their necks.  The figures have simple carved and painted faces and flat metal pieces curved at the ends for hands.  The only damage to the piece is that three of the green wool bands across the kayak are mostly missing.  Although the stand was not made for the kayak and is not a perfect fit, it works well and will go with the piece.

L. 21 1/4": W. 3 3/4"

c. 1940
Sold #7500

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