19th C Elk Horn Quirt

The quirt handle was made from a distorted elk antler spike.  It has extensive punch work around the base and around the tip as well as some rows of punch work going  up a short distance from the base.  The quirt handle has a great patina of age and use.  When I bought it, it did not have a strap and one of the thick leather lashes was missing.  I had Mark Miller in Montana make a strap for it and had him replace the missing lash.  The quirt was bought at an estate sale here in Portland with no history or basis to identify whether the quirt was from the Plateau or Plains or some other Indian group.  It is a very real piece and fresh to the market and much more interesting than a lot of the old quirts which are offered.

L. 16"

c. 2nd half of 19th Century
Sold #7751

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