1933 Inuit Made Walrus Ivory Knife Sheath

$ 1,000.00

This is among the most unusual pieces of Alaskan Inuit ivory work I have ever encountered. It is made from three pieces of ivory and is hinged so that the blade section lays flat against the upper section. The top of the upper section has a walrus head on a platform flanked by two seals. On the back of this platform is the carved belt "loop" for attaching it to one's body. Below this platform the ivory has been carved out for resting the knife handle and the date 1933 has been carved into it. At the end of this is the hinge attaching this section to the blade section which would hold the knife. At the top of the blade section is a wide ivory band raised above the rest of the blade section. The blade section is carved out on the inside to hold the blade and a thin section of very white ivory has been inserted and pegged in with two ivory pegs to close the opening along the side.  At some point later, someone attached a leather loop at the top to hold the knife against the sheath.  This is a one of kind piece and is great for someone who appreciates the artistry and rarity of this piece.

L. 9 ½"; W. 1 ¼"


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