Luigi Kasimir 1930's Colored Etching of El Capitan

$ 800.00

This is a rare multiple plate colored etching of El Capitan by Luigi Kashmir (1881-1962) done in 1931.  This is one of at least two colored prints he did in the early 1030's from drawings he made at Yosemite. Kasimir, an Austrian artist who lived in the United States for a period of time in the 1930's, was a recognized master of the colored etchings using multiple plates.  Before Kasimir, colored etchings were hand colored after the etching was printed, with varying degrees of success.  For his etchings, Kasimir used up to 6 separate plates, each colored by him and printed one after another on a single piece of paper, a very time consuming process.  The print is signed on the bottom in script and printed in pencil on the bottom of the back "El Capitan" and "L. Kasimir".  There is a 3/8" tear at the bottom of the print about a quarter way in on the left side.

Print w.16": h. 22"

c. 1930

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