C. 1900-20 Pueblo Coral and Silver Bead Necklace with Turquoise Pendant

$ 3,895.00

This wonderful piece of historic jewelry is eye catching and has something a bit different about it, the collection of five chunks of turquoise that create a clustered pendant. This "pendant" has either been reattached or is a later addition to the 5 strands of coral and silver beads, as it is attached with a different cord than the rest of the necklace. The warm salmon-colored coral contrast beautifully with the airy blue-green of the turquoise.

There are three larger coral beads that have been add to one strand of the necklace (two smaller on one end and 1 large bead on the other) these beads are shown in the image of the wrapped closure. The original wrapped closure has been rewrapped at one time and made shorter. The largest turquoise "pendant" measures 2 ⅛ inches by  1 inch. 

L. 28"


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