Three Piece Plains Woman's Work Set

$ 1,250.00

This set includes a beaded awl case, a beaded knife sheath, and a beaded beavertail pouch, all on a ½" wide leather strap with a beaded tassel at one end (the one on the other end is missing). The pieces were collect around the turn of the century in the Midwest by a traveling salesman who put together a small collection at that time. The three pieces are sinew sewn and all share pink in their designs. The awl case and the beavertail pouch have two long tassels at their ends. It is a nice looking little group of beadwork.

L. of Knife Sheath 8"; L. of Awl Case to tassels 7"; L. of Beavertail Pouch to tassels  7 ½"


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