An Exceptional Beaded Bottle

$ 375.00

This is a beautiful example of beadwork over a glass container. The woman who made it was a skilled artist. She used white heart reds and green beads on a white background, all of which are small beads. The main design elements are three large green maple leaves between two rows of wide red "V's" with other design elements on the body. The beadwork is very tight and follows the contour of the glass bottle and goes over the lip of the bottle. The beadwork is in excellent condition. I don't know who made it but the design doesn't look like the work from California or Nevada.  Although I don't recall seeing any similar examples from Canada, the maple leaf design suggests Canada. I think it may have been made by a Cree woman or a woman from one of the other tribes in Canada. However, it is a really exceptional piece, irrespective of who or where it was made.

H. 6 ⅛"


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