Eastern Algonkian Plaited Wood-Splint Basket

This is a lidded rectangular Eastern Algonkian (Algonquian) plaited wood-splint basket with small block stamped designs on the warps and wefts on the body and on the lid. The stamped designs are in black, often with a light red design under it and vary in form from four petal flower forms to diagonal dotted designs. The body of the basket has four wide splints separated by three narrow splints, dyed either red or black with a similar use of the narrow splints on the sides of the lid. The basket is in very good condition but the lid has some damage along one side. 

It is seldom that I see this type of basket in Oregon, so I don't have the experience to accurately identify the specific tribe nor to know how early this basket is. However, by looking at the coloring of the wood, I believe that the date of 1900 is quite conservative.

L.15½" : W.14" : H. 7½"

c. 1900
Sold #7348

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