Eskimo Scrimshawed Ivory Beaver

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This smiling creature, lacking a beaver's "buck teeth" in front but with a broad beaver's tail (for identification?) is now available to bring you years of pleasure and laughter.  He is covered with rows of thin red or reddish brown stained scrimshawed lines and sits contently on a black wooden base. He originally was part of a very large hinged and folding ivory cribbage board, 30 1/2" long that he would have shared with a number of other fascinating critters and more. Unfortunately, when I bought it, the board was apart with breaks and some of the critters and other parts missing so we could never bring the whole together again.  I would have loved to have seen a picture of the piece before its demise.  Our beaver has a 5/16" hole in his belly upon which he would have secured himself to the cribbage board...but now he is free to travel

L. 3" 

c.  1920

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