Plains Shield Cover

This is a Plains Indian hide shield cover with a somewhat minimal overall design. It has a reddish ocher band running across the shield about about one third up from  the bottom of the cover. The area below was a solid green but is faded and worn in some areas. To the left above the line are five spaced vertical green bands and on the right side is an irregular grouping of small dark, possibly green solid circles. At the top is a small faded brown image of a buffalo and under it is a small red cotton medicine bundle attached by a hide thong to the shield. The shield cover is worn but intact.  It is presently mounted on a black piece of foam core.  The history of this piece that I was given is that it was purchased by a New York collector in the 1970's from Guthman Antiques in Westport, Connecticut.  Guthman Antiques was owned by WIlliam Guthman who was a recognized expert on early American historical antiques and military items including early American Indian weapons.  He also was for a few years one of the appraisers on the Antique Road Show.  I knew him casually because he was one of the dealers participating in the Santa Fe Whitehawk Show in the 1990's which I showed in for over 20 years. 

D. 20"

c.  1900

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