Early Pomo Basket with Beads

$ 700.00

This is an unusual Pomo three rod coiled basket which was woven with a somewhat random use of small seed beads woven into the basket when it was made.  The weaver has woven a few clear red seed beads and a somewhat larger robin's egg blue bead on the bottom and wove a random pattern of white seed beads on the upper part of the three dark design elements of the basket.  There are also five small black seed beads in two of the open areas of the upper body as well as two of the larger blue beads (only one of which matches the one woven on the bottom) in two of the open spaces midway down the basket.  There is a broken stitch where there would have been a third large blue bead in an open area.  The rim has a broken coil which has been carefully repaired. 

D.6 ¼" H. 3"

c. 1900

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