Plateau Child's Figural Belt Pouch

$ 700.00

H. 4¼" : W. 4 ½"

A very charming folky belt pouch with an elk looking over its shoulder at a bow with strung arrow visible on the left edge.  You don't see the Indian, just the bow and arrow.  Most of the beading is done with the tiny faceted seed beads commonly used in Plateau beadwork from the Nez Perce, the Indians in the Pendleton area and all of the Indians in Eastern Washington in the late 19th C and into the very early years of the 20th C and pretty much not seen on beadwork by about 1910 .  Another attraction with this bag is the heart shaped mother of pearl drop on the front panel and a rectangular drop hanging from the pouch.  The pouch itself, as are most of the pouches in Plateau belt pouches, is made with commercial leather.


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