Plateau Beaded Flat Bag

L. 12 ½" : W. 11 ⅝"

 A dynamic and unusual Plateau beaded flat bag with a single eight pointed star in the middle with a smaller star within a rectangle inside.  The beading is unusual in that the blue background beading at the top and bottom of the bag goes across in horizontal lines and the beading on the sides is in vertical lines.  These lines of beading intersect at a right angle forming a line from the corners.  This same beading technique continues on the interior rectangle.  The arms of the large star are contour beaded as is the interior star.  The beading is done on hide and is backed with hide which has vertical lines on it done with a sewing machine which attached the black cotton liner on the inside of the back.  The blue wool edging has been replaced.


c.  1890-1900
Sold #7192

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