Sioux 1920's Beaded Pipe Bag

This is an unusual Sioux pipe bag for a couple of reasons. The first is that we know who made it and where and when it was acquired. On the inside or the bag is written in large letters in ink "From Lightning, Rosebud Sioux Woman, 1920". The other unusual feature of this pipe bag is that the quilled design on the bottom is two large open ovals rather than the more common geometric designs usually seen on the slats. The design on the large panel is the same figure on both sides. However, other than the red and blue, the maker used different colors and combinations of beads on each side. The sinew sewn beadwork is well done and there is no bead loss. The quilled section has lost a lot of the white and light blue in the center which forms the ovals with minor loss in the red along the upper edge and some loss of red around the design as well. On one side of the bag about two inches from the top are two holes which would have held the thong that was used to hold the bag. There is about a two inch tear at the top of one of these holes which has been sewn up. This is a good bag with the unusual notation of the maker and when it was made as an interesting and valuable addition.

L. of Pipe Bag 33"; L. of beaded panel 33"; W. 7 ¼"

Hold #8271

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