Patty Fawn Ivory Necklace

$ 950.00

This beautifully carved pendent represents the powerful Northwest Coast Indian mythological figure known as Sisiutl. Sisiutl is often depicted, as it is here, a serpent like head at each end and a humanoid head in the middle with hands.  Each serpent has a horn and the center head has two, each of which is curled.  These are know as the "horns of power. The pendent is carved from walrus ivory and is inlaid with abalone. The necklace is strong on a strand of walrus ivory beads with polished abalone beads spaced along its length. The necklace is signed on the back "Patty Fawn". Patty Fawn is the sister of the well known Northwest carver Lelooska. This is a great piece of wearable art

Pendant - W. 5 ½": H. 1½", Length of Necklace: 13 ½"

c. 1970

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