Map of United States of Americas According to the Treaty of Peace of 1783

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W. 18½" : H. 11½"

Published by H.D. Symonds in London in 1794. The mapmaker was John Russell.

The detail given to the Northwest Territories and tribal nations is fascinating. Of interest to the historians of this region are the various lands given to the veterans of the American Revolution, including the Illinois Company, the New Jersey Company, and the Tennessee is referred to as the "Tennessee Government." Another charming feature of this map is that the longitudes are identified as being from London, as Greenwich had not yet been established as the zero point of longitude.

John Russell (ca 1750-1829) was a British engraver and printer turned mapmaker for several important British publishers including Benjamin Henry, Alexander Dalrymple, and John Moore. His apprentices included a young man who would go on to become a famous cartographer, geographer, and oceanographer, in his own right, Alexander Findlay, whose maps of ocean currents were widely used in the 19th century.

c. 1794