Haida Eagle Soapstone Carving By Gary Minaker-Russ

This Eagle's head has a commanding presence. It is carved by well know First Nations' Argillite Carver, Gary Minaker-Russ. It was carved from one piece of soapstone with most of the Eagle's features set in low relief with a hooked beak which curves to a sharp point.  The base is marked "1st Soapstone" "8/89", "Haida Eagle", "Gary Minaker-Russ" "Masset"

Gary Minaker-Russ (born 1958) is one of the foremost contemporary First Nations carvers at present. His carving are traditional in form and content.   He is best known for his work with argillite, but has also worked in other mediums including silver casting, wood, and soapstone. He is a carver of poles, sculptures, boxes, bowls, and jewelry.

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L. 3" : W. 3" : H. 4 ½"

March 1989
Sold #7622

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