Figural Beaded Drop

This is a highly unusual late 19th C beaded drop with three swastika figures and a cross in blue on a white background.  The swastikas are unusual because each has a rounded head on it making a figure kneeling on one knee with an arm or possibly a rifle extending from below the head. The beading is done with the single needle technique using sinew. There is some beading missing along the upper edge.  The blue beads used are both the dark cobalt blue beads and the relatively rare but highly regarded "trader's blue" beads which were used on the cross and the lower figure as well as the stripes at the bottom and the edging at the top.  The cross and other figures also have single or double metal beads used for effect.  The condition is not great. The piece was cut in half at some time and stitched back together with sinew.  and some thread or beaded on two pieces stitched together.  The lower half is stiffened, probably by water.  I don't know whether this is a Plains piece or possibly from the Utes or Shoshone in Wyoming or some other tribe but it is very interesting and unusual.

L. 7 ⅛" : W. 2" 

c.  1890

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