Eskimo Carved Ivory Sled and Sledge

$ 350.00

Total length 7 ¼" ; front sled L.3" : W. ⅞" : H. ¾" ; rear sled L. 3" : W.½" : H. ½"

The sled and sledge were each carved from a single piece of ivory and collected in Bethel, Alaska between 1920 and 1941.  They are expertly carved and are joined by cotton string which I assume were put on them by the carver at the time they were made.  The method used here to attach the sledge to the sled must represent how the Eskimo would have done it with a full sized sledge.  These were collected by Robert Gierke who had a store in Bethel before 1920 and left in 1941.  Most of his collection is at the Burke Museum at the University ofWashington.  If you look at their holdings on line you will see a number of great pieces of Eskimo art from his collection.  


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