Eskimo Carved Ivory Hunting Tableau

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This is a very interesting and unusual carved scene depicting a confrontation between two polar bears over a seal laying between them with.  An Eskimo hunter with his harpoon is crawling toward an "ice block" to watch the event.  All of the figures are well carved.  The Eskimo hunter and the two polar bears are carved from slightly fossilized ivory.  The whole tableau is mounted on large walrus tusk.  It looks like the walrus this tusk came from had some dental problems.  The top of the tusk  is discolored in a streak between one of the bears and the ice block and the underside has more of the dental problem which has caused a separation in the tusk in that area.  It is very stable but it is there and can be seen in .

L. 17 3/4" : W. 2 1/8" : H. 2 1/2"

c. 1960
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