Cree Double Pocket Beaded Wall Hanging

A beaded smoke tanned Cree wall pocket with two pouches with fringe along the bottom.  The leather is quite thick and is either elk or moose.  The beadwork is  floral and quite colorful and well executed with a different design over each pouch, with some minor bead loss on the flap.  It had a narrow blue ribbon along the front edge of the pouches and along the upper edge of the flap but most of it is missing leaving only a few small sections of the ribbon.  It has a leather loop for hanging at the top of the flap and at the left corner of the flap but the one on the right is missing and a hole was put in on that corner.  It is not clear that it ever had a loop there.  This is an unusual piece and reasonably priced.

H. 13 1/2"; W. 11 3/4"

c.  1900

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