Columbia River Miniature Figural Stone Pipe

$ 350.00

This is a very unusual Columbia River stone pipe, both because of its very small size and the triangular shaped bird or animal head on the front of the pipe.  The fully carved head projects out from the pipe and looks up at the smoker.  The pipe is rectangular in form with a short round stem and has punch work, both small and large on both sides.  The pipe is carved out of steatite.  It appears greenish in the photographs but it is darker and much less green.  It is part of a large Oregon collection of Columbia River articles that included horn bowls, both horn and wood spoons, a number of pipes and other interesting pieces.  This is a very old collection.  Part of the collection is in a photograph from around 1900.

L. 1⅛" : W. ⅜" : H. ½"

c.  Mid 19th C

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