Columbia River Incised Stone Figural Pendant

This is an unusual steatite carving from the mid Columbia River area of a human like figure with a triangular head. This is one of two somewhat similar pieces with triangular heads that were part of a large collection of Columbia River art and artifacts which was collected beginning in the late 19th C and has been in storage for a great number of years. This piece is thin and flat and has a hole in the center of the head for suspension. Both sides have punch work across the top of the head and across the body.  I have owned two Wasco/ Wishram baskets with human figures with triangular shaped heads as well as a late 19th C cornhusk bag with several male and female figures with triangular heads so this form of figure, though unusual, is not unknown.  

L. 1 3/4"; W. 1 1/8"

c.  Pre-Contact

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