Canadian Metis Double Sided Beaded Bag

This is an unusual double sided Canadian Metis bag; unusual for its form and unusual because of the designs on the two beaded faces. Both sides of the bag have floral designs that are not typical of the floral designs usually seen on the beaded bags from the Indians in the Canadian interior. Both designs are more like 19th Century European needlework designs.  These were designs the maker of the bag probably became familiar with from the nuns as a student in a Catholic boarding school learning to do needlework. They are executed in very, very tiny faceted glass beads in a number of colors with small faceted metal beads. The designs are both colorful and sparkling.

The bag itself is composed of two beaded panels with rounded bottoms and separated by an 1 ½" leather panel going around the two sides and the bottom. There is 2 ½" long fringe around the three sides of the two panes and shorter fringe across the top of the panels.  Above the panels is a three inch hide panel with rounded flaps across the top with beaded edges. The bag has two leather cords with beaded tabs on each end to close the bag.  This is a rare and unusual example of Canadian Metis beadwork.

L.10" W. 6 ½"

Sold #8078

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