Plateau Beaded Heart Bag front

This is a charming piece of Plateau beadwork, probably intended to be the face for a child's beaded bag but it was never completed. One of the aspects that is interesting about this piece is that the woman who made it put tiny metal beads in the centers of the two flowers. Metal beads were popular in the 1890's, particularly on the plains, but are not often seen on pieces made after 1900. Another thing to note on this piece is the tiny blue beads that outline the flower petals. These blue beads are favored by collectors of earlier beadwork and are referred to as "trader's blue beads".  Again, they are not often found in 20th C pieces. Having this heart on the wall would be a pleasant distraction during the dark days of this upcoming Covid winter.

L. 6 ½"; W. 6"

Sold #8040

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