19th C Sioux Beaded Moccasins

These are a pair of really beautiful old Sioux moccasins in rough condition.  They are stiff, there is bead loss and they have been cut part way up the vamp but they are beautiful and were worn a lot.  One aspect of these moccasins that increases their appeal is the use of a somewhat lighter blue bead on the vamp and a slightly darker blue below it on the rest of the moccasin. These are part of a small collection of beadwork which belonged to Colonel Horatio Gates Sickel who had an interesting career in the military. His collection passed down to the present owner's family when Colonel Sickel died in 1918. There is no information as to where or when he collected these.  Sickel graduated from West Point on June 14, 1876 and following the loss of so many officers under General Custer at the Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876, he was appointed to the 7th Cavalry and served with the 7th until he was transferred to the newly formed 12th Cavalry Regiment in 1903, eventually commanding it. He commanded E Troop of the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Wounded Knee.

L. 9 1/2"


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