Circus Themed Shadow Box by Carl Walters

$ 8,000.00

Carl Walters 1883-1955

 Formally trained at the Minneapolis School of Fine Art and the New York School of Art, Carl Walters pursued many types of art. The works for which he is best known are from self-taught art forms, including working with clay and glass. This glazed faience shadow box is part of a large group of  circus themed clay pieces. Here you can see a brave man placing his trust in a lion when he places his head in said lion's mouth. It appears that the clown and the guard are ready to step in at any moment if things were to go wrong (note gun in Guards arm and the spear that is hovering above the lion's head) Most of Walters were made after he joined the Maverick Art Colony outside of Woodstock, New York, which fostered the creativity of early-twentieth-century writers, artists, and actors in the rustic Catskill Mountains.

L. 3⅛" : W. 13½": H. 15"


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