Columbia River Incised Steatite Figure

$ 225.00

This is an unusual steatite carving from the mid Columbia River area of a human like figure with a triangular head. The piece is thin and flat. The body has three diagonal bands on one side and four punched circle on the other side.  Both sides of the body and the top of the head have a pattern of small nicks. I have already placed a second similar stone figure on the website which came from the same collection.  I have owned two Wasco/ Wishram baskets with human figures with triangular shaped heads as well as a late 19th C cornhusk bag with several male and female figures with triangular heads so this form of figure, though unusual, is not unknown (see additional images).  This piece is from a large collection of Columbia River art and artifacts which was collected beginning in the late 19th C and has been in storage for a great number of years.

L. 1 ⅞" : W. ¾" 

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