Southern Plains Mens Beaded leggings

$ 4,500.00

This is a pair of 19th C yellow dyed men's leggings from the Southern Plains with green dyed fringe along the outside edge and symbolic designs along both sides of the leggings flaps. The leggings were originally stitched up to enclose the leg and leave the flap open but at some point the stitches were taken out and the leg and flap were only separated by thin leather thongs tied about every three inches up the side with their ends left long to make another kind of fringe.  The leggings were also lengthened at a later time, perhaps at the same time the other stitches were taken out, by adding another band of leather along the top of each legging.  This was done with cotton thread whereas the beadwork is all sinew sewn.   

L. 35"

c.Late 19th Century

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