Plateau Gambling pieces in Parfleche Bag

$ 1,800.00

This Plateau gambling set was either collected from the Yakima or Warm Springs Indians and was housed in this painted parfleche bag.  The set includes four bone gambling cylinders and 20 painted counters.  Two of the bone pieces are plain and two have a band of black electrical tape around the middle which had been grooved for wrapping.  The ends are covered by aluminum Washington State sales tax tokens which would date from 1935 until the mid to late 1940's.  The counters, varying in length from about 8 1/2" to 10 1/2",  are painted white and are sharpened at one end to stick in the ground during the game and are painted red on the point and the on the other end.  The bone pieces are 2 1/4" long and about 1" wide.  The game itself is played with two sides with one person holding two of the bone pieces and the other side guessing which hand has the one with the black band and the counters are stuck in the ground for the winner of each round.   Gambling has always been an important part of life among the Plateau Indians and this is a great piece from their culture.

Parfleche Bag L.15 1/2": W. 7 1/2"

Mid 20th C

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