Late 19th C. Mission Indian Gift Basket

$ 750.00

A finely woven Mission basket with an unusual fine line design in golden orange juncus. The design grows up and out of a four petal flower form on the bottom and creates a complicated and unusual design of parallel and concentric lines off of the four petals. It has a bundle foundation and the work face is on the outside surface of the basket. I do not have the experience with baskets from this area to feel comfortable in making a positive identification of the cultural group made this basket. It has two breaks in the rim and a number of stitches missing on the rim but because of the fineness of the stitches it reads well. This is a basket for a serious collector of Southern California baskets who appreciates the rare and unusual.

D. at rim 6"; H. 3 ⅛"

c. 4th Quarter 19th C.

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