Klamath or Modoc Beaded Basket

$ 325.00

This is a rare and unusual basket. The base is woven tule and the body is woven beads with a tule warp and a thin plied commercial cord for the weft.  The beads are all 19th C or very early 20th C and are mixed in terms of size, color and the kind of bead.  The color, size, and type of bead is generally random on the lower half of the basket,  The upper half has a more consistent vertical pattern of mixed blue beads between every other warp with a band of tiny seed beads of mixed colors below the rim.  This is a good piece for someone who collects unusual baskets or focuses on basketry from the Klamath basin.

D. 2 ½" : H. 2"

c.  Early 20th C.

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